Thenar Is Essential Technology For Every Athlete

Athete's Hands
"Powerful Hands - Competitive Edge" means that Thenar Glove provide a superior increase of strength, power, stamina, endurance and flexibility to the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms for the athlete in competition or those athletes not competing but wishing to stay active in their respective sport.
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Thenar Gloves
Of all the time, money and care that you put into your athletic performance, professional career, rehabilitation or even hobbies, have you neglected the most important connection you have -- your hands? Now you can get increased strength and control with Thenar Glove! Our gloves are perfect for anyone, no matter your strength, skill or fitness level. Click here to select and purchase the perfect Thenar Gloves for you.

Thenar Is Essential Technology For
All Kinds Of Hands

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Musical hands, occupationally injured hands, weak hands, degenerative weak hands, injured and diseased hands -- all kinds of hands can benefit from Thenar Glove's revolutionary strengthening system of full functional finger and hand dexterity and range of motion. Click here for more information on how Thenar can help your hands!

Thenar Superior Hand
Strengthening System

Each finger has its own resistance that allows for precise and balanced strengthening of the fingers, hand, wrist and forearm. This develops a powerful grip that gives you the strength and dexterity to complete your tasks, whether you are a professional in your field or sport, recovering from hand/wrist injury or disease, or just simply wanting more hand control for whatever activity you're involved in. Click here to learn more about hand strength and click here to learn more about the Thenar Glove exercise routine.
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