Thenar User Guide

Thenar User Guide

Warm Up

(1) Prior to starting finger, hand, wrist strengthening, warm up exercises are recommended.

Example: Repetitions are 8 for your work out, half of the number (4) will be your warm up.

(2) Slower count for warm up: Power- 1 thousand, squeeze, pause, open hand and repeat .

Example: Serpentine -1 thousand, bend, pause, open hand and repeat. Claw and Grip counting are the same. 1 thousand, bend, pause, open - Grip 1 thousand ,bend ,pause open.

(3) Stretch between the warm up sets as well as between each set of your work out.

Example: - Repetition is 8 for your work out, warm up is 1X4 using slower movements

Injury Prevention

  1. Strength conditioning of the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms will help to prevent injuries to the muscles and tendons.
  2. Non-conditioning of the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms will increase the risk of injury when stress is applied.
  3. Resistance exercises for the fingers and thumb allows for the hands, wrists and forearms to have and maintain superior strength.
  4. Stretching prepares the fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms for daily activity.
  5. Stretching helps to prevent injuries to the tendons and muscles of the hand due to repetitive movements.
  6. Increased flexibility lowers the risk of injury.
  7. Greater range of motion allows for better hand mobility.