Thenar User Guide

Thenar User Guide

Do's and Don'ts

A. Do

1) Exercise every other day or three times a week


  1. Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun, Tues, etc.
  2. Mon, Wed, Fri - Mon, Wed, Fri.

2) Build slowly

3) Stop if there is pain during exercising.

4) Expect muscle fatigue during and after exercising

5) Stretch before, during and after using Thenar

6) Check with your medical personal if necessary

B. Don't

1) Don't use with Thenar any other product or activity

2) Don't wash Thenar or have contact with heated or material destroying products

3) Don't pull Thenar on the hand using the wrist strap


  • Thenar gloves should be used only for intended purposes
  • Thenar gloves are not recommended for daily use