Thenar User Guide

How to Stretch

Warming up properly is key to preventing injury and creating limberness and flexibility. The hand is no exception. Below are examples of stretches to do between the warm up sets as well as between each set of your workout. Click on any image to see the sequence more in detail.

Flexor Stretch

Place finger/hand in opposite palm, pull fingers and thumb upward keeping the arm straight (elbow locked) heel of hand pointing toward the feet. Holding for 2x15 seconds.

Extensor Stretch

Place hand (palm side) on the back of opposite hand, slightly bend the wrist (light pressure). Arm is straight (elbow locked)with bent fingers pointing toward front of the thigh, slightly touching with the finger tips. Holding for 2x15 seconds.

Reverse Extensor Stretch

Standing - Arm is straight at the side. Rotate palm facing away from your body(back of hand touching your body), using opposite hand interlace fingers, slightly pull fingers toward you. Holding for 2x15 seconds.

Palmer-Flexor Stretch

Standing - Place palm on a flat surface (arm straight at your side). Rotate hand and fingers (fingers are now pointing backwards), keeping the elbow locked. Press down making the hand (palm) flat with the surface. Holding for 2x15 seconds.

Finger Stretch

Opposite hand using the thumb and index finger, place the thumb on the knuckle at the base of each finger and the index on the palm side of the first digit of the finger. Slightly pull the finger toward your torso holding for 10 seconds. Repeat the sequence on each finger.